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We are a one stop shop for all your Real Estate needs, Our professional advisors are ready to assist you with any type of transaction making it easier to navigate through the world of real estate

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Real estate is more than merely processing an individual transaction, it is setting the ground for a long term, life changing experience. Our professional advisors will deliver on any aspect of the real estate market while putting their clients first and their goals and aspirations their top priority.

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Let me start by saying ask for Joe Tartaglia. I'm sure the other folks at I&I are great as well, as reflected by other people's reviews. But I cannot imagine better service than what we got with Joe. He started off by taking the time to ask us many questions about us, what we care about, what are our priorities, our budget and actually used (!) that information to hone in on the listings that best fit our requirements. He only showed us quality/clean listings and was upfront about fees. And was very patient with us as we asked a barrage of questions about every unit and took all the pictures we desired without ever rushing us. He was always happy to meet us on short notice and stay beyond our pre-allotted time when he had no other showings. The first day we met, we were late due to just having arrived into the city and he met us with a warm smile and stayed with us for an hour longer than we had planned. On the third day we just happened to be close to one of the apartments he had shown us the day before that we very much wanted to take a second look at and as he didn't have anything booked at that time he rushed over to let us in again, and then proceeded to spend the next hour showing us a couple more listings that he had uncovered that day. Whenever there was something about the apartment that he could not answer on the spot he would make a note of it and ask the question to the management/owner and get back to us within the same day. If its not yet apparent from this review, Joe is the first person I'd recommend to any friends looking for real estate agent.

~ Zahi K.

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